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Fort Sands Commitment to Quality & Safety

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Fort Sands Commercial, Industrial, Manufacturing and Multi-Family Dwelling Construction Services

With over 150 years of combined experience, the Fort Sands core team have seen 1000’s of construction projects completed in Western Canada. Fort Sands is a diversified construction management, building envelope, repair, restoration and general contractor. We are committed to delivering on time, on budget, and with quality that protects your long-term investment.

  • Project Management

    The key to construction management is communication while balancing the scope, time, and cost to deliver a successful project. Fort Sands is Building Quality

  • Building Envelope

    Understanding the combined negative impact of water, heat, noise, light and airflow in your building envelope is key to mitigating risk & protecting your investment.

  • Balconies & Decks

    The intensity of Western Canadian seasons is especially harsh on decks and balconies. In addition to safety concerns, the condition of deck and balconies

  • Roofing

    Modern roofing materials and techniques provide an unprecedented range of alternatives for solutions that are built for your budget and built to last.  

  • Windows & Doors

    The correct consideration of windows and doors is essential to creating an efficient building envelope. Bad decisions and cutting corners in construction can have

  • Cladding

    Cladding is the outside layer of your building that provides thermal insulation, weather resistance, and noise control. Done right, it also improves your buildings appearance and value.

  • Concrete Systems

    Fort Sands provides a wide range of concrete services including demolition, restoration, trench drainage systems, joint treatments, rebar locates, forms works, flat work and more.

  • Waterproofing

    There is no single approach that will work for every liquid intrusion situation; it’s critical you understand the strengths and limitations of each waterproofing.

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