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Project Management

The key to construction management is communication while balancing the scope, time, and cost to deliver a successful project.

Fort Sands is Building Quality One Customer At A Time

There are many facets of project management for a successful construction project.


Our best results for clients occur when we’re engaged at an early stage to provide advice, oversee and manage construction: planning, costs, scheduling, methods and materials. If you’d like, consult with a Fort Sands Financial Project Advisor (FPA) to help you review your financing options and approach.


What’s the most important part of Construction Project Management?

Making sure our customers are safe and that everyone goes home at the end of the day is the most important thing we do in project management.


We use clearly defined proposals and CCDC Construction Management Contracts to ensure a common understanding of the approach all stakeholders will use to ensure a successful project completion.


Fort Sands also ensures that trade management, material management and equipment management is handled and optimized for efficient construction. 


Great project management in construction must rigorously demand efficient utilization of labor, material and equipment.
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Evaluate ● Solve ● Execute

A Full Range of Construction Management Services

  • Project Management

  • Site reviews & reports

  • Leak / Moisture Ingress Investigation

  • Contract Management (CCDC)

  • Trade Management

  • Leasehold Improvements

  • Site Safety Services

  • Materials Management

  • Equipment Management

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Other Services

  • Waterproofing

    There is no single approach that will work for every liquid intrusion situation; it’s critical you understand the strengths and limitations

  • Building Envelope

    Understanding the combined negative impact of water, heat, noise, light and airflow in your building envelope is key to mitigating risk &