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Concrete Systems

Fort Sands provides a wide range of concrete services including demolition, restoration, trench drainage systems, joint treatments, rebar locates, forms works, flat work and more.

From cracks to full restoration and all your coating and waterproofing needs

Type of Concrete Services

  • Industrial coatings

  • Traffic membranes

  • Waterproofing membranes

  • New flat work

  • Demolition services

  • Concrete cutting and pouring

  • Lifting and stablization

  • Crack and expansion joint repair

  • Overlays and repairs

  • Concrete restoration

  • Trench and floor drain systems

  • Epoxy coatings

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Other Services

  • Balconies & Decks

    The intensity of Western Canadian seasons is especially harsh on decks and balconies. In addition to safety concerns, the condition of

  • Cladding

    Cladding is the outside layer of your building that provides thermal insulation, weather resistance, and noise control. Done right, it also improves your buildings