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Balconies & Decks

The intensity of Western Canadian seasons is especially harsh on decks and balconies. In addition to safety concerns, the condition of deck and balconies is of concern for curb appeal and long-term asset appreciation.

Fort Sands has built thousands of balconies and decks

While building has strict governance with respect to balcony and deck construction, these structures still demand careful framing and waterproofing details if you want to have a successful project that lasts.


Moisture is a decks worst enemy. Pooling, ineffective joints and not using pressure-treated lumber (for example, under soffits) are obvious construction gaffs to avoid. Failing to properly ventilate an enclosed deck can create fungal growth.


The wall-to-deck tie-in, in particular, is vital to the performance and longetivity of the deck and the building.


Environmental choices are easy with decks as there are plenty of affordable options that extend the life of your deck and look great. Pressure-treated wood is manufactured with chemicals that are less harmful than in previous years. Composites are made from wood fibres and recycled plastics. Vinyl can be recycled into new material. Novelty woods such as cedar, redwood, and tropical Ipe can be purchased from suppliers that follow regulations supplied by the Government of Canada. 


Whether it’s balcony repair on an apartment building, decks on a row of townhouses, or a dream project of epic proportions, Fort Sands will make it happen!

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Types of Deck Construction Material

  • Concrete

  • Composite

  • Ipe

  • Redwood

  • Cedar

  • Pressure-treated (P.T.) wood

  • Vinyl or P.V.C. Decking

  • Euro-tile P.T. Wood

  • Liquid Coated

3 Types of Balcony Structures

Cantilevered balconies

Concrete balconies

Stacked balconies a.k.a. balconies on pillars

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Other Services

  • Concrete Systems

    Fort Sands provides a wide range of concrete services including demolition, restoration, trench drainage systems, joint treatments, rebar locates, forms works, flat

  • Waterproofing

    There is no single approach that will work for every liquid intrusion situation; it’s critical you understand the strengths and limitations